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The Project

The national sport of Sweden is probably football. We have Zlatan. In Ethiopia, it is all about running. Remember Haile Gebrselassie?

Girls Gotta Run is an organisation that invests in girls and use running and education to empower the girls and their communities. Some of them might go on to be professional athletes, but more importantly, all of them have the ability to stay in school, avoid early marriage, and enhance their personal economic opportunities. It also develops their sense of well being and personal power.

We see this as a perfect project for Karma Coffee to support. The girls have fun and at the same time develop their independence through education. We are confident that this is a creative and modern way to build a better life for many people in Ethiopia.

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The Coffee

Our Sidama

Far away from mass produced boring coffee, we will take you back to the where it all started. 2000 years ago, in Ethiopia, Mr Kaldi - a goat herder saw his goats go bananas after eating red strange looking “fruits”. Brave Mr Kaldi also tried it and since that day he was known to have the best vibe in town. He had discovered coffee!

Our coffee is an organic speciality Sidama that grows in the Ethiopian highlands at 1800 meters above sea level. It is hand picked at a farm in the south where organic is everything.

We think farming, picking, drying and washing the coffee beans should be without chemicals and also assuring that farmers get paid a premium for their great coffee is key to good coffee. The process goes hand in hand with Karma Coffee’s vision of sustainable organic farming.

Others have described the taste of our slow medium roasted Sidama as rich, full body, sweet flavour, floral aroma, and a finish that is bright and soft - and we totally agree.

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The Company

Our Idea

Today, we can see a lack of transparency and efficiency surrounding making donations to charity projects. With today’s digital landscape and technology it must be easier and more convenient to support and to see more specifically what your goodwill is doing. We though, let’s tag every product with the project it’s supporting and give 50% of the profit back to that project.

Everyone knows about coffee. Some hate it but most people love it. It might be the aroma from freshly grinded coffee beans or that energetic special taste that makes your day pop. Regardless we consume a lot and through that we affect the people along the chain from bean to cup in a great way.

So we though, why not drink great organic coffee, and at the same time, do something good for others. We decided to create a business with the simple idea to use coffee as a tool to fund projects that makes the world a better place. We created Karma Coffee.

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